Exoplanets and Origins of Life

Job opportunities

Bachelor and Master Students

We always welcome Bachelor and Master students interested in joining our team for a research project related to astrophysics or medicine/bioengineering.

Current topics include:

  • [astro] biosignatures,
  • [astro] remote sensing of bacteria,
  • [astro] instrumentation for the detection of living organisms,
  • [astro] exoplanet observations with the group's 1-m telescope in Mexico,
  • [medical] non-invasive, intraoperative detection of pancreatic tumours.
  • [medical] polarimetric-enabled endoscopic instrumentation

Get in touch with Prof. Demory if you are interested in any of these topics.


Doctoral Studies (PhD)

No positions available at the moment.


Postdoctoral Fellows

No positions available at the moment.